January Appeal

The Maryknoll Sisters have long believed that education is one of the greatest keys to improving people’s lives. Immediate support is important, but much greater and longer-lasting benefits result from helping people get the tools they need to improve their own lives and the lives of their families and neighbors.

In Bangladesh poverty is a serious problem! BACHA—Bangladesh Alternative Course for Human Advancement—is the name of an extraordinary school in Dhaka, Bangladesh, founded in the early 2000s by Maryknoll Sisters Miriam Francis Perlewitz and Joan Westhues. The school grew out of a Values program the Sisters had created called “Education for Life.” This program aimed to prevent drug use among high school students—especially girls, since there were no drug rehab facilities for women in the region. The program was enthusiastically received by the communities of Bangladesh.

Sister Miriam with a class at BACHA.

Unlike the system of rote learning that is prevalent in most Bangladeshi schools, BACHA teaches students to think and discover for themselves, using their intelligence and
creativity in a values-driven setting. In Bengali the word bacha also means “to rise up” or “to live again,” which makes the English acronym especially appropriate for the school which offers an innovative curriculum emphasizing human values.


Sister Miriam with some of her students.

YOUR GIFT will help provide education to those in need in Bangladesh and around the world!


You can be sure that real lives will be improved as a direct result of your gift. 

900 students at BACHA are depending on YOUR HELP to continue to receive an education and expand the program so more students in Bangladesh can benefit from it! Even a small donation can change a life, and your generosity can literally work miracles—please give what you can!

May God bless you for your kindness, generosity and willingness to help create the “ripples of good” that will change the world!

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