February Appeal

Sister Teresa Hougnon, M.M. New President of Congregation.


My name is Sister Teresa Hougnon, MM. (pictured to the left) I recently had the honor of being elected as the new President of the Maryknoll Sisters community, succeeding the very able and determined Sister Antoinette Gutzler, MM.

As President, I see my role as a supporter and motivator of our Sisters as we heal the Earth… as we accompany the poor and marginalized. We will work to bring divided people together to the table, and wholeness to a damaged and tired world. Everything I have experienced in my life has been preparing me for this day!

The Maryknoll Sisters have great responsibilities… to God, to the people we serve, and to supporters like you who bless us with your generosity. That’s why choosing our Congregational Leadership is a big decision.

As we begin a new year of service, we celebrate the fact that leaders past, present, and future among the Maryknoll Sisters have answered the call to lead.

After two years of discernment by the entire Congregation and three days of prayerful reflection and sharing by the delegates at the recent General Assembly, I and the other Sisters were elected to succeed outgoing leaders Sister Antoinette Gutzler (President), Sister Numeriana Mojado (Vice President), Sister Anastasia Lott (General Secretary) and Sister Teruko Ito (Team Member). Our new team was formally installed on January 2—the feast of the Epiphany, exactly 110 years since the Maryknoll Sisters formally came into being and elected our first leaders

The essence of leadership is stepping forward to serve needs and perform tasks that will be neglected otherwise—to make God’s love visible where people otherwise might fail to recognize it.

President Sr. Teresa Hougnon
Vice President Sr. Genie Natividad
General Secretary Sr. Leonor Montiel
Team Member Sr. Elizabeth C. Zwareva


As a person of unshakeable faith, you understand the importance of what we do. And you have also shown that you’re willing to be a leader by providing financial support to help make the work of our Sisters possible.


Wherever we go, your love and support travels with us. From South America to Africa, Asia and the Pacific islands, you can be confident that people’s lives will be better because of your prayers and generosity.

As we move forward into a new era of leadership in making God’s love visible, I join all the Sisters and the people we serve in thanking you for being a part of it all.


Sister Teresa, President


Check out pictures of our new leadership out on mission below!

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