Deliverance for my husband from spirits of adultery and idolatry

restoration of my marriage and understanding and love between us

Pls pray nothing is impossible for Lord Jesus, He can stop the shift


Pray for my marriage and family.A.F and family will exercise,eat healthy,
lose weight,be clean,organize and declutter.Pray for .AF will be charitable
to Ryan and everyone.Pray for Liz and Scott.


Please pray for my successful wedding with the suggested bride if we’re

right for each other Else, that we may find right matches. Thank you.

01/23/2017 – Health Issues

Please keep two women with serious health issues who face ongoing testing and

subsequent treatment in prayer.Many thanks and Blessings

01/23/2017 – Baca

Dear sisters
may i ask prayers for C.mary Baca, R and L. J. Baca,

Teresa Mascarenas, L. Yanzi, and Christine Onsuez thanks sister Maggie Sierra

01/23/2017 – Zito

A very dear cousin of mine, Justine Zito,

recently passed away due to Alzheimer complications.

I can think of no greater honor than having prayers

offered for her soul by the dear Sisters of MaryKno


Please in Jesus’s name cure my daughter-in-law. Please ask Him to put his healing hands on her. She is waiting lab results now.


Please pray for my son he’s in need of a liver transplant. Gods will be done.


please pray for me that God will heal me from liver and lung disease. Thank you.


Please pray for me , I am at a crossroads in my life. I want to follow the path that I think God has laid out for me. I need health and strength and prayers to do so. God bless you. Thanks Richard.