Sister Carolyn Moritz

After working in Chile for seven years and Brazil for some 14 years, Sister Carolyn has changed her ministry to work exclusively with the Guaraní indigenous people outside of Sao Paulo.

Current Ministry Location-Maryknoll Sisters Center-Maryknoll, NY

Sister Carolyn Moritz was born in Chicago, IL. She graduated from St. Josephs High School, Chicago, IL in 1957. She earned a Bachelor of Science-Chemistry from Mundelein College, Chicago, IL in 1963, a Master of Scinece-Chemistry Education from the University of Missouri, Rolla, MO in 1973 and a Master of Arts-Religious Educ. From Loyola University, Chicago in 1981.

Sister Carolyn transferred from the Felician Sisters to the Maryknoll Sisters on August 19, 1981. She pronounced First Vows December 11, 1982 at the Center and Final Vows August 6, 1984 in Santiago, Chile.

In 1983, she received her first mission assignment to Chile where she became engaged in training catechists, liturgical works and accompanied the Basic Christian Communities in the Santiago area. In 1990 she was assigned to Brazil where, towards the end of February of 2005, she began her ministry with the Guaraní indigenous people outside the city of Sao Paulo.

Sister Carolyn was part of a five-person team from the Indigenous Pastoral Coordination staff of the Archdiocese of Sao Paulo. Her task was to help move women towards agreeing to take a training course of the Pastoral da Crianca (the Childrens’ Pastoral), a Church program for the entire country that helped women learn how to monitor the health of their newborn babies and children up to 5 years of age, as well as care for women during pregnancy.

When we discovered, and made known, that three newborn infants and a child 1 1/2 years old died in just one month due to a lack of medical care, designated monies were transferred. This aid enabled the women to realize their own need to have resources for securing the health of their children. As a result a training course was given them from November to December.

From 1998 – 2002 and 2016 – Present she took time out from Brazil for assignments in the Development Department at the Center.