Sister Eleanor Killion



United States

“Sister Eleanor Killion has been described as someone “like the artist who picks up a brush only after hours of thoughtful planning and therefore seems to go about the task with too much ease. With so little apparent effort, wonderful things happen around Eleanor.”

ekillion_lgSister Eleanor hails from Easton, Minnesota and entered Maryknoll at the novitiate in Valley Park, Missouri in 1952. Her first assignment was to the Bolivia/Peru Region and she entered various ministries with her famed ease, in Lima, Peru as a teacher, then in Montero and Cochabamba, Bolivia as principal/supervisor. Riberalta became her home for fourteen years of ministry in school administration, pastoral work and leadership and teacher training. Sister Eleanor had the joy of turning over to a Bolivian, the administration of the school, which had been directed by a Maryknoll Sister from its foundation twenty-six years before. “Those years taught me much as I shared life with people of various cultures and received so much from them in turn. Even their poverty and suffering taught me joy in simplicity of life and great trust in God.”

With two other Maryknoll Sisters, Sister Eleanor opened a new mission in Las Mañanitas on the outskirts of Panama City, a priestless pre-parish where their days were filled with pastoral work with all age groups preparing catechists, liturgies, bible study, etc.

Sister Eleanor’s talents were tapped to provide secretarial services to the Maryknoll Sisters leadership and other Center offices. In 1997, Sister Eleanor began a new assignment in Hawaii, Central Pacific Region. Sister Eleanor experienced and appreciated Hawaii’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural make up and had the opportunity to minister to the Hispanic community in Honolulu and Pahala on the Big Island. The immigrants were from different countries, and some hadn’t participated in a parish or sent children for religious instruction. Sister Eleanor offered Religious Education at all levels. Sister Eleanor has also tutored elementary and high school students, and is an Office Assistant for the Maryknoll Sisters Region. And she still goes about all this with her famed ease!