Sister Noel Chabanel Devine


Sister Noel Chabanel Devine, M.M.

Current Ministry Location-Maryknoll Sisters Center

Born in Philadelphia, she graduated from West Catholic Girls High School in 1944 and, after briefly working as a Western Union operator, joined Maryknoll in September of the next year. She would later write: “I was attracted to the Maryknoll Sisters because of its two fold dimension – Contemplative and Missionary. I felt called to both lives and God… allowed me to experience both as a member of the cloister and as a missioner in Chicago Chinatown and Hong Kong.” Sister professed her first vows in 1948 and, after acquiring her B.E at Maryknoll Teachers’ College in 1959, found herself assigned to Chicago’s Chinatown. During her ten years of mission here, Sister Noel taught eighth grade at St. Theresa’s School.

In 1969, Sister Noel earned her Master of Education from Loyola University and then set off for Hong Kong to teach secondary school. While there, she also served in other social and educational ministries, including counseling for both primary and secondary students.

Sister Noel returned to St. Theresa’s and Chicago in 1983, where she served as the religion coordinator for the school and its associated parish. She also supervised a ministry practicum for students from the Chicago Catholic Theological Union. In June of 1993, Sister was presented with a life time service award by the Office of Catholic Education just before she left Chicago to return to the Maryknoll Center.

Over the next few years until her retirement, Sister Noel involved herself in family ministry. She is currently a prayerful and well loved resident of the Maryknoll Sisters Center.