Sister Patricia Redmond

predmond4_lgSister Patricia Redmond
Current Ministry Location – Center, NY

Patricia (Pat) Redmond was born January 24, 1932 in Cincinnati, OH to Elizabeth (True) Redmond and Matthew Redmond. She had 1 brother, Dr. James. Pat graduated from Seton High School, Cincinnati, OH in 1949.

Pat entered the Maryknoll Sisters September 24, 1950 at their Center in NY. She pronounced First Vows March 7, 1953 at the Center and Final Vows March 7, 1959 in Bolivia. She earned a Bachelor of Education degree at Maryknoll Teachers College in 1956 and was assigned to Bolivia the same year.

Sister Pat began her teaching career in grammar and high school in Lima, Peru. Later, she was appointed principal of schools in Bolivia, first in Montero and later in Cochabamba. She spent twelve years in an isolated jungle area in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, training migrants as lay religious leaders to serve their communities.

In 1982, Sister Pat returned to the Maryknoll Center in NY to work in the Office of Social Concerns. Soon after, she became a member of the Task Force to prepare for the Sisters’ General Assembly in 1984, Sister Pat was so involved in the process, that the delegates elected her to the Central Governing Board.

Immediately after completing her term on the leadership team, she was assigned in response to an invitation to work in Papua New Guinea – a childhood dream. With two other Sisters she departed in 1991 to train liturgy leaders, form a women’s group and coordinate a diocesan family life apostolate. After four full years, the Sisters decided to leave Papua New Guinea.

Sister Pat was assigned to Guatemala and joined a diocesan team for Women’s formation in 1996 in the coastal area. She fashioned a basic program for the women’s groups, and a course in Cosmology and Ecology.

Pat returned to the Maryknoll Center, NY in 2004 to work in Creative Productions to help the Maryknoll Sisters be known on their Website and in printed material. From 2010 to 2012 she offered her artistic talents in many projects.

In 2012, Sister Pat became a member of the Retirement Community in the Maryknoll Sisters Home Care Unit at the Center in NY.