Sister Rosemary Huber

“Toys are an excellent way to keep children happy during their stay in the hospital. When you hear their excited voices as you pass by the playroom and see the smiling face of a little girl, who stands in the doorway with a doll in her arms, you feel a lump in your throat. Little things count and the Patan Hospital is making a difference where it matters.”

rhuber_lgSister Rosemary Huber’s ministries have been many and varied. She has served in Korea, East Timor, Indonesia, the United States, and Nepal.

After graduating from St. John’s Elementary school and the Academy of the Immaculate Conception, Ferdinand, IN, and having been employed for four years with Huber and Huber Express in Louisville, KY, Rosemary of Borden, Indiana, entered the Maryknoll Sisters Congregation in 1954.

Sister Rosemary holds a BSE from Maryknoll Teacher’s College in New York and a Master’s degree in Hospital Administration from St. Louis University. In 1965 she was assigned to Pusan, Korea, where she worked part time at Maryknoll Hospital. She also served with the Cooperative Education Institute in Seoul, becoming a full-time staff member in the position of international coordinator.

In 1972, Sister Rosemary was assigned to Indonesia, where she served on the board of the Indonesia Preventive Dentistry Clinic, then as a consultant at Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung, Indonesia, where she was responsible for a 1,000-bed hospital. She also was a consultant at different hospitals in Indonesia, both government and Catholic institutions, doing extensive traveling in Irian Jaya.

In 1990, with four other Maryknoll Sisters, she moved to East Timor, where she served in medical and pastoral roles. Assigned to Nepal in 1998, she was administrative officer at Patan Hospital.

Sister Rosemary has served in various capacities at the Maryknoll Sisters Center: director of Congregational Health Services and manager of the Maryknoll Sisters Communications Office. She recently completed a four-year term as coordinator of the Maryknoll Sisters Retirement Community in Monrovia, CA.

In January, 2011, she became a member of Rogers Community at Maryknoll, NY.