Sister Teresa Hougnon

Maryknoll Sister Teresa Hougnon is focusing on peace-building and conflict transformation.

thougnon_lgMaryknoll Sister Teresa Hougnon is a West Point graduate, who served with the Army in Germany. After working in a women’s shelter in Brooklyn, New York. Teresa entered the Maryknoll Sisters in 1996.

Assigned to East Timor, she arrived just before the United Nations referendum in 1999. Sister Teresa served as the principal of a recently reconstructed high school.

Shortly after making Final Vows in 2005, Sister Teresa turned the directorship of the high school over to the vice principal and other Timorese staff. Presently she is focusing on peace-building and conflict transformation as part of a Maryknoll Sisters peace team in Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

The focus of the team’s ministry is “Conversations for Social Change,” a program designed to effect social change through personal transformation. In April 2009, the peace team published A Psycho-Social Response to Post-Election Violence in Kenya to help people respond to the aftermath.

Read Sister Teresa’s special Peace Team Blog and send her your thoughts, prayers and ideas.