2021 Jubilees

To learn more about our special Jubilarians missionary lives, click each of their pictures below!

Entrance Year 1946-Seventy-Five Years

Rose Patrick St. Aubin


Anna Maria Hartman


Mary Reese


Peggy Dawson


Rosemary Kane


Elizabeth Roach


Cecilia Vandal


Muriel Gallant


Patricia Norton


Nuncia St. Pierre


Entrance Year 1951-Seventy Years

Maureen Gunning


Christine Ortis


Ruth Marie O’Donnell


Mary Louise Higa


Mary Malherek


Bridget Chapman


Marie Noreen McCarthy


Rosemary Healy


Ramona Oppenheim


Patricia Gallogly


Marya Zaborowski


Entrance Year 1961-Sixty Years

Katrina Eggert


Geraldine Wieczerzak


Mary Lou Herlihy


Carolyn White


Darlene Jacobs


Entrance Year 1996-Twenty Five Years

Teresa Hougnon


Giang Nguyen


Jeong Mi Lee


Judith Esmenda


Jubilee Celebration for 60, 70, and 75 years will be celebrated on September 5, 2021
Jubilee Celebration for 25 years will be celebrated on December 4, 2021