Sister Yoo Soo Kim



United States
ysookim_lgYoo Soo Kim was born in 1953 in Ko Chang, South Korea, youngest in a family of seven. In 1975, she graduated from Chosen University with a degree in Fine Arts and began her career as a public school art teacher. Yoo Soo also worked on the diocesan team of the Better World Movement before entering the Maryknoll Sisters Initial Orientation Program in 1982 in Seoul, South Korea.
She came to Maryknoll, New York in 1983 to continue her preparation to become a Maryknoll Sister. Sister Yoo Soo was assigned to the Central Pacific Region in 1985 but had to wait in Korea for more than a year to get her visa for Hawaii. In Hawaii, Sister Yoo Soo has taught Sacred Dance at Chaminade University in Honolulu. Besides Sacred Dance her art includes photography, oil painting, traditional Korean paper cutting, water colors, ceramics, flower arranging and the Korean tea ceremony. Her art work has been exhibited by the Korean Art Association of Hawaii. Of her art, Sister Yoo Soo says, “I always express my contemplation through my art work. That is my understanding of God.”Sister Yoo Soo invites people to wholeness through prayerful sacred dance in workshops and in parish liturgies. She has also been a minister for handicapped children at the Shriners Hospital in Honolulu. She says, “I like to be a healer. When I dance I can touch people’s hearts. A person’s body is an instrument to express beauty, pain, communication, betrayal, and joy. It comes out mystically when you dance. It comes out in art also.”

In November, 1991, women leaders from South Korea, North Korea and Japan planned together the Seminar on Peace in Asia and Women’s Role, hosted by Korean Women’s Associations United. It was the first south-north women’s meeting since the division in 1945. Sister Yoo Soo represented the Maryknoll Sisters at this meeting and said, “We people of Asia have to live and get along well together, otherwise peace will never come.”