Sister Training

Answering God's call to religious life is just the first step in a journey toward becoming Maryknoll Sisters.  Women who embark on this spiritual journey spend years in preparation - training for their prospective ministries, learning new languages, adapting to challenges in cross-cultural communities, and grounding themselves in the foundations of faith that will serve as the driving force behind all they do.

Missioners in Progress

Like many missioners before them, these two women have been called to join the Maryknoll Sisters.  They are in the midst of their training and education, where years of study and sacrifice will prepare them to enter fully into the challenges that influence their community, ministry and mission.

We can't do it without your help

Your gifts provide our Sisters with education, lanaguage training, practical support, and everything else they need to go out and serve the poorest of the poor.

susan_wanzagiSister Susan Wanzagi, M.M., entered Maryknoll during our Centennial Year, 2012.  A native of Tanzania, she has worked in several ministries, including prison ministry and at a school for the deaf.  This fall, after she completes her studies in Scripture, theology and religious life, she will be given a mission assignment.





  Sister Mara Rutten, M.M., was the 3,500th candidate to enter Maryknoll when she joined us after earning her doctorate in 2013.  Before entering Maryknoll Sisters, she lived with several of our Sisters serving in Cambodia. "There I witnessed Matthew 25 in action: feeding the hungry, giving shelter to the homeless, caring for the sick, and visiting those in prison as well as education the poor, working with the deaf, and helping women and children escape the clutches of sex trafficking." She has a year and a half to go before she receives her mission assignment.

The cost of education, housing, medical care, transportation, food, clothing, supplies and more are skyrocketing every day for all our Sisters.  For some of our  new Sisters, a decision to enter Maryknoll also meens a strenuous effort to pay off student loans they need to go forward.


Can you help our Sisters
further their education in mission and further the plan
that Jesus himself set in motion?