Break the Chains of Human Trafficking

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Break the Chains of Human Trafficking

ht2015wa_bannerMaryknoll Sister Helene O’Sullivan has been working with trafficked women and adolescents for years, helping women and children break free from traffickers and other abusive  and violent situations.

Sr. Helene currently runs the Horizons Vocational Training Institute in Phnomh Penh, Cambodia, where formerly trafficked women and girls receive basic education and intensive job training.

Victims can find shelter, medical care, counseling and legal assistance at the Women’s Crisis Center, where Sr. Helene also provides encouragement and empowerment for victims to begin new lives. The center offers literacy training, vocational training and life skills training to help them accomplish that.humantrafficking2


Being part of the Maryknoll community and the anti-trafficking community in Cambodia provides two sources of strength and perseverance for O’Sullivan in her mission to end human trafficking and all forms of violence against women and children. Faith is essential. “The unconditional love of God,” she says, “we get it; we have to give it. We have to love this way, and pray we always see with God’s eyes.”

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