Window Renovation Project

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Sister Bernice has a hard time closing the window.

I am writing to you today with an urgent need we have at our Motherhouse. After 83 years of use we must replace all 403 windows. The old ones are drafty. They easily get stuck and the Sisters cannot close them. Some of the windows only open 2 inches; others not at all. In the winter the cold comes in and the heat goes out. In the summer the opposite is true.

More than that, our Motherhouse is home for many of our elderly and infirm Sisters who dedicated their lives to serve in the poorest missions around the world. Some of these dear Sisters are very frail and we are concerned for the safety and well being of these and all of our Sisters. The old, drafty windows need replacing as soon as possible to ensure that our Sisters live out their lives in comfort and without strained backs and other injuries.

Our goal is to raise the $400,000 needed for the new windows. We are relying on your continued generosity to help fund this project. Be assured that any funds raised over the $400,000 goal, will be used where they are needed most.

We are deeply grateful for your friendship, prayers, financial support and especially for your commitment as our partner in mission.

Thank you so very much for your continued generosity and your loyal support. You are a blessing!

Sister Anastasia

P.S. We urgently need your help to raise $400,000 to replace the windows in our Motherhouse immediately. Donations received over our goal will go to help our greatest needs. Thank you for any help you can offer!

P.P.S. Please do not forget to send your intentions on the enclosed form so our Sisters can remember them in prayer.

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