Sister Noel Devine

I’d like to introduce you to Sister Noel Devine and her wonderful story of a life of service. At age 88 she is unable to speak and needs help dressing herself and communicating with others. Yet despite her disabilities, she insists on living a meaningful life of service. In her words: “I take great pleasure in bringing comfort and joy to the other Sisters I live with, especially those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

From the very beginning Sister Noel had a deep conviction that she was called to mission. She has served as a Maryknoll Sister for 70 years. Sister Noel has spent her life helping others as a school teacher and is now retired and living at the Maryknoll Sisters Residential Center. Sister Noel’s first mission was teaching at St. Theresa’s Chinese Mission in Chicago. After 10 wonderful years with them, Sister Noel was sent to the Maryknoll Sister’s secondary school in Hong Kong.

In 1998 speech difficulties brought her back to Ossining and our residential center. Sister Noel was diagnosed with PLS (Primary Lateral Sclerosis – a rare disease affecting the movement of arms, legs and face). Sister uses a device that looks like an iPad to communicate. “I can still live a meaningful life,” she smiles. “Although I cannot speak, I am praying for our Sisters, our benefactors and for the world.”

“When I bring a smile
to another it is a special
moment; it’s like God is
smiling on both of us.”

Sister Noel Devine

“You are very much a part of Sister Noel’s life – when she was on mission in Hong Kong and especially now when she needs good health care. Your gifts help to support the medical treatments and living arrangements for her and our retired older Sisters – those who served selflessly in the poorest places on earth. Thank you!

You are such a part of our ability to carry out our mission of making God’s love visible here and around the world. On behalf of all of our Maryknoll Sisters thank you! Your support is deeply appreciated! And your continued support is needed right now – for Sister Noel and all our Sisters.

Please pray for Sister Noel, all our Sisters at the Residential Center and all those serving in the most troubled spots in our world. Thank you for helping us make life easier and happier for others. You are a source of strength and we are grateful. We will always keep you and your loved ones in prayer asking for God’s protection.

Sister Anastasia
Sister Noel Divine brings joy to another Sister
Sister Noel Divine brings joy to another Sister

From the diary of Sister Noel…

“I cannot speak today but I can pray. I pray for the whole world. My other Sisters at this residence inspire me because they are living out their call to mission. I would rather be helping others than others helping me. I wanted to be independent. My daily struggles were made easier by the kindness of others caring for me.

I have always relied on God’s strength and He has never failed me. He never lets me down just like our partners in mission who I pray for everyday.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
Phil 4:13

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