Sister Janet Srebalus is ready to return to Tanzania

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Sister Janet Srebalus is ready to return to Tanzania after a brief Renewal Time in the U.S. She will be soon getting ready for this year’s annual Community Day Demonstrations at Jordan University in Morogoro, Tanzania where she teaches Psychology and Counseling at this Constituent College of the Catholic University of Tanzania.

Above are some pictures from the 2014 Jordan Community Day which welcomes students from other faculties to visit tent displays and demonstrations of each departments’ work. Sr. Janet helped her students prepare posters and a brochure of the basic facts about the Enneagram Personality Profiles as well as videos of sample counseling sessions. Sister teaches Counseling Theories, Counseling Skills and Enneagram along with supervising student Practicum Field work in Hospital, schools, NGO’s working with children at risk and people living with HIV/AIDS. Psychology is a recent field of study in Tanzania with Jordan University offering the first combination of Psychology and Counseling for both 2 year Diploma degree and 3 year Bachelor after a 2 year post-secondary High School Certificate.

Sister Janet is happy to be part of training this new generation of Psychologists and Counselors. Sister lives in community with three other Maryknoll Sisters, Sr. Bibiana Bunuan, from the Philippines, Sr. Lekheng Chen from Taiwan and Sr. Suzanne Rech from Pittsburg, PA. All of the Sisters do a variety of meaningful missionary works of teaching, counseling and animating youth, women’s groups, people suffering various illnesses and disabilities, prisoners and children abused and on the streets.