Miracles Needed for God’s littlest angels…

Miracles Needed for God’s littlest angels…

Please meet Sister Genie

Sister Genie Natividad, originally from the Philippines and serving in Tanzania, recently wrote asking for our help for the children in her care. Little Aisha and Mwajuma, shown sitting in her lap (see above), were severely abused by the person who should have loved them most: their mother. Aisha was badly beaten by her mother. Mwajuma was starved and neglected by her mother. When Mwajuma was found, she was skin and bones! Her mother was put in jail for a while. After she was released, she never came to see her daughter.

“When I started working with Aisha and Mwajuma, they had not started walking or talking,” says Sister Genie. “Now, every time they see me, they come running to meet me, hug my feet and just want to be hugged and cuddled on my lap! These two precious angels give me so much joy as I see them transform from victims of abuse to joyful, sweet, loving children!”

Sister Genie says many other children suffer similar abuse. Some of these precious children were burned, beaten, raped and victims of other atrocities too horrible to mention.

“Once a week I go and minister to abused children – about 30 or more – teaching simple wellness body exercises and practices that help these victims through their trauma and the process of healing and wellness.”

“It is so sad to see children suffer such tremendous pain from their own families. What these children need is a safe, loving and caring environment in which to feel safe and thrive. Thanks to our donors, we are able to provide the love and tender care they need.”

As we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child, I am reminded that our Savior was born into a world of poverty, oppression and injustice. It is my hope that you will open your heart to the children who suffer in our own world by giving a Christmas miracle today. Please help support our critical ministries with children and others in need in Tanzania and around the world by sending your gift today.

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