Love is at the heart of prayer and the heart of mission.

The Power of Prayer

“Love is at the heart of prayer and the heart of mission”
-Sister Theresa Baldini

Sister Theresa’s words are at the core of our Maryknoll spirituality. They bring to life our deep commitment to the Gospel message and to making God’s love visible in all our ministries.

Sister Theresa Baldini and Sister Madeline McHugh have amazing stories from their years in mission in Sudan. But before we share them, we want to tell you about a very important part of our congregation: the Maryknoll Sisters Contemplative Community. This prayer community became a reality in 1932 and continues strong today.

Prayer and sacrifice are at the heart of our contemplative community for Sisters Theresa and Madeline. Our Sisters who become a part of this community cherish silence and solitude. Silence helps create a listening attitude to God and the promptings of the Spirit. Solitude nurtures an inward journey – emphasizing our dependence on God and our union with all of humanity. Our Sisters’ contemplative way of life is simple, rooted in mission, and focused on the needs of others in active ministries around the world.

Sisters Madeline and Theresa went to Sudan at the invitation of Bishop Taban. As Sister Theresa states, “We saw the face and imprint of God in those who are handicapped, who have lost arms and legs because of the lethal shrapnel from the bombings. In the people, we have met the God who is continually healing wounds of despair and giving hope.”

Sister Theresa with Esther and her son Junior in Sudan.
Sister Theresa with Esther and
her son Junior in Sudan.

“We have learned through the suffering of the people that a salient part of being human is to see that no one suffers alone, that no pain goes unnoticed, and that no pain is without meaning. God’s signature is scrawled across the face of every person – every person’s life matters to God.” To our benefactors, you go with us everyday – helping to make God’s love visible throughout the world as our partners in mission. In Sister Theresa’s words, “Like Jesus, we are called to be servants of love… and the presence of love is the essence of service.”

Please help us go forth in 2016 as nurses, doctors, teachers, social workers, environmentalists, contemplatives, and more. Your gift today will help our Sisters give voice to the poor, the ailing and the marginalized. Whatever gift you can give will be deeply appreciated.

May 2016 bring you peace and joy.

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