Ministries to the Earth: Sister Pat Ryan, M.M.


“In all of Maryknoll, just as in all of creation, there are no two alike.  This diversity and the dignity of each and all are cherished as blessings…This spirit of ours is characterized by a commitment to the well being of all God’s creation.”

– Sister Pat Ryan, M.M.


How is Sister Pat Ryan helping the environment?


Did you know there is a river of burning water? It is the Condoraque River in Peru, and it is being filled by acid drainage and toxic sludge from mining activity. Sister Pat Ryan is working hard to stop environmental issues such as this and you can help too!

Sister Pat is in Peru working with the Organization for Human Rights and the Environment, offering educational services, information and legal advice, and acting with the indigenous people to defend their rights and the rights of Mother Earth. With your help, this organization, with Sister Pat, can achieve their goal to equip and empower the Aymara & Quechua native people with the understanding and skills to non-violently focus on working to curb irresponsible mining activities that disrespect indigenous people’s rights and threaten the environment and the people’s water supply in the area.


Remediating Environmental Damages

The Maryknoll Sisters are working to turn the tide of ecological disasters like the Condoraque River.  The river of “Burning Waters” has been poisoned by chemicals from a local mining plant, and it’s the main tributary from which Altiplano herds drink.

Sister Pat’s work with the Organization for Human Rights and the Environment has resulted in decisions that require mines to remediate the environmental damages that have already been caused in the region. But we’ve only just begun.  This work would not be possible, Sister Pat says, without the generosity of people who support her and the Maryknoll Sisters.   Our supporters help fund the costs of helping the poor of the Altiplano learn about their rights, as well as how to defend them in a non-violent manner, preserve their livelihood, and protect their land.

How can you make a difference?

Please help these Sisters in their missions, as well as all our Sisters who serve poor, oppressed and marginalized people in 24 countries around the world.