Human Trafficking 2017

The Maryknoll Sisters have long been working to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against girls and women. At the present time, sexual exploitation and human trafficking of women and children in Southeast is an enormous problem.

The Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center, run by Sister Helene O’Sullivan, M.M. offers vocational training to trafficked women as well as survivors of rape and domestic violence. Each year, Sister Helene takes referrals from Church and anti-trafficking organizations to help identify and support 25 young women (16-25 years old) to begin her two year study program.

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Why Specialized Vocational Training is Needed?

In shelters, as part of recovery young women receive counseling, literacy training, legal aid, and reintegration assistance. Many of these young women have only received two years of elementary school education, therefore, literacy training in the shelter was not enough, they still lacked sufficient general knowledge and critical thinking skills that would enable them to go on for higher-level skilled training.
Sister Helene has found that helping these women create options for themselves was one of the most important things she could do to assist them saying, “Creating options together brings hope, and hope heralds the coming of the reign of God.”

At the present time, Sister Helene continues to network with different NGOs working to combat trafficking and promote advocacy.

Pictured below are a few of the young women whose lives were impacted by the women’s center.

With your help today, the center will be able to provide the following:

•Social, medical and psychological support

•Food supplements for the women’s families

•School supplies and uniform

•Room and board

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