Did you know 663 million people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water? How are the Maryknoll Sisters helping?

Sister Len Montiel, M.M.  who is on mission in Cambodia, has changed  the lives of a family and an entire neighborhood by drilling a water well!

Sina is pictured below having lunch with Sister Len, she lost both parents to HIV/AIDS. The Maryknoll Sisters found her alone by her mother’s deathbed in a hospital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia years ago. Sina grew up in our foster home, but luckily we found her extended family about 3 years ago. Sina left our foster home to live with her aunts’ family.

Sina’s family contacted us one day in a panic because the main water source in their community dried up! We agreed to provide the neighborhood with a new well that they could use daily for water, as long as Sina’s family promised to make Sina continue her education.



Pictured above is Sina’s community using their new well. Your donations allow the Maryknoll Sisters to continue to make God’s love visible worldwide and help more families like Sina’s.