70th Jubilee-Sister Mary Ann Duffy, M.M.

Duffy, Mary AnnSister Mary Ann Duffy, M.M. from Philadelphia, PA will be celebrating her 70th Jubilee this year.

Sister Mary Ann is a teacher and a facilitator in Latin America.

Sister Mary Ann Duffy, a Maryknoll Missioner with an almost permanent smile on her face all the time has captivated the hearts of the people she has served and worked with on the missions in Latin America where she has ministered for more than 50 years.

She entered Maryknoll in 1948 from the parish of St. Francis de Sales/Holy Innocents in Philadelphia. She earned her B.Ed. from Maryknoll Teachers College in New York and then her Master’s degree in Spanish Literature from Temple University, where she served in an Assistantship as a Spanish teacher. Sister Mary Ann also studied in the Pastoral Institute at Loyola College, Chicago. She served extensively in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico. She has been a teacher in the Yucatan, Mexico, and has done pastoral work with indigenous groups in Mexico and Guatemala. In Chiapas, Mexico, she served as the supervisor of an experimental basic education program for the Tzeltal Indians and supported a program for rural community development. She studied the Indian dialect to prepare her for pastoral work among the indigenous people.

Sister Mary Ann also worked as part of a women’s pastoral team for the San Marcos Diocese in Guatemala, with a personal focus on environmental issues.

In 2012, Sister Mary An was assigned to Panama working with indigenous peoples in Darien.

In 2016, Sister Mary Ann returned to the Maryknoll Sisters Center where she remains and active volunteer.