Centennial Garden of Gratitude and Promise

Our new Centennial Garden is a sight to see! It’s finally ready to be dedicated on the property of our misson center in New York. You’re invited to watch a webcast of the the dedication ceremony live at 3 p.m. on June 2.

centennialgardenThe garden celebrates the people everywhere around the world who have made our mission work possible.

The design of the garden recognizess our presence and efforts in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Pacific Islands, and North America.

The garden consists of a series of meditation areas and other features. One area is wheelchair-accessible.

DSC00039A key element of the garden is an ancient stone found on our land many years ago.  It has been placed in the garden to mark the memory of one hundred years of Maryknoll Sisters going to the world in mission, and as a symbol of Christ’s promise of fullness of life for the entire Earth community, for which Maryknoll Sisters, together with our partners in mission, stand ready to serve as the future unfurls.

Our partners in mission include all those with whom we have worked to bring Good News to the poor:  the people with whom we have worked, the benefactors who have held us in prayer and granted us generous financial support, our family and friends.

We have not journeyed alone.