Holding Memory, Living Fully

peaceprevailsIn prayer we hold close those devastated by the loss of loved ones in the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania, in war and violence everywhere.

God of our life,

You gather us close in this time of memory. Eleven years ago, an ordinary plane ride and an everyday morning at work became altered by unimaginable violence and destruction.  Our lives changed forever.

You came into that moment, holding our tears, numbness, grief, anguish and death. Unexpectedly, You were present in all who ran up the stairs to save others, who helped us scatter to safety, who seized our hand as we stumbled toward shelter, who wiped away tears and ash and who fought to thwart an attack on the U.S. Capitol. No one was a stranger.

With your closeness today, we are able to look back. We see your blessings in the easing of our suffering and in the building of these memorials. We recognize You by our side and yearn to live fully into a future of abundant life for all. We know your unfailing challenge to live peace, not hatred and war.

Oh, God of our life, with your faithful love, help us re-dedicate ourselves and our nation to healing and peace. Give us courage to open our hearts to cherish your gifts among all peoples. Guide us, as one world family, into a lasting peace and a genuine love and understanding of one another. Be with us always as we live fully into your Reign. We pray this in the name of Christ. Amen. Amen. Amen.