Together, We Can Make a Way

Together, We Can Make a Way


Although we trust that our lives are in God’s hands, all of us want to feel like we have some measure of control over the day-to-day details. To be powerless to improve our own situation, to live without even basic rights and human dignity is unjust and overwhelming. And yet that is the harsh reality for the women of Namibia who have been denied a voice in their own future. They can’t even own property and are oftenvictim to domestic violence and other tragedies that are forced upon them.

“I believe this is God’s work, and God is with us, guiding us, leading us to wherever God needs us to go and this gives me joy!”

Sister Aida Manlucu, M.M, entered into this world of imbalance and injustice in 1998, when she first began serving the poor of Namibia, in particular women who are oppressed beyond imagination. In their eyes she saw a hunger for something better — for themselves and their children, but they were powerless to make a change. Sr. Aida’s ministry empowers women and gives them the tools and knowledge they need to direct their own course and step into their own lives.

By forming the Women’s Desk and serving on the Women’s Commission of the Namibian Bishops’ Conference, Sister Aida has been able to conduct workshops for local women on domestic violence, inheritance and property rights, leadership training, and HIV/AIDS.

These kinds of programs, whether in Africa, Asia, Latin America, or right here at home require resources to assist our Sisters who live among the poor they serve.

You can help continue the work and ministry of Sister Aida Manlucu by contributing to her and many other Maryknoll Sisters around the world.

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