Nuns try to raise money for new windows

OSSINING – A group of nuns in Ossining are asking for the public’s help.

The Maryknoll Sisters are raising money to get new windows in their home.

They say their current windows are 50 years old, have poor insulation and are difficult to open and close. “I would like to get all the benefit of the air but I know if it rains and the window is wide open, I can’t get it down,” says Sister Noel Doescher.

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The sisters, whose mission began in 1912, were the first group of Catholic Sisters in the United States founded for overseas mission. Most of the nuns spend 40 to 50 years in overseas mission, and Ossining is where they come to live when they return.

The order has approximately 500 members from 29 nations serving in 25 countries worldwide.

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