Friendship Through the Ages

Friendship Through the AgesFrom July 26 to August 5, 2015, a group of 10 students from Maryknoll Convent School in Hong Kong visited the Maryknoll Sisters Center. We had a delightful time and the students experienced many events: visiting our elderly Sisters, visiting the campus of Maryknoll, trip to New York City, trip to Hawthorne where our Sisters first started, gardening in Pachmama and the Sisters’ gardens.  Can you believe that they were delighted to pull weeds!!!  (There are none where they live in Hong Kong)  As we worked together in the garden pulling weeds, poison ivy was discovered.  They were not familiar with poison ivy so I shared the article on poison ivy and also the remedies just in case someone got it.  As we talked about everything under the sun, we developed new friendships.  Once they are settled back in Hong Kong, we plan to exchange photos and share how our life is moving forward.  It has been a delight to be with this group and experience their joyfulness and youth.