Maryknoll Sisters April Appeal

“The children’s futures rely heavily on academic change. We pray
and hope we can move forward.”

Sister Rosalva writes from East Timor…

“For the first time in several years we have had the opportunity to do something together and not just theoretically. East Timor is mainly rural and the people depend on farming. When the territory was invaded by Indonesia in 1975, most of the country’s infrastructure was destroyed. Scarce water supplies and deforestation have caused soil erosion and massive landslides. The people are extremely poor and in dire need.

Sister Rosalva came to us from Bolivia where she worked as a computer programmer. She has a BA in computer analysis and a BS in computer science. Recently she made her Final Vows to live the rest of her life as a Maryknoll Sister. Now her analytical skills are put to good use conducting health programs, developing ways to prevent malaria, caring for land scarred by war, and teaching youth the very basics so they can provide better lives for their families.

Sister was tasked with helping the people in Manucasa turn things around. That meant calling on the people and motivating them to change attitudes and work habits. It meant pulling together people with different religious beliefs and encouraging them to focus on the common good. “It was an opportunity to unite the community in ecumenical dialogue and it worked! The common need for water and soil conservation enabled people to see and listen to each other in new ways,” Sister Rosalva emphasized. “There were bound to be differences but everyone knew the common good was at stake.”

Sister Rosalva has been in East Timor since 2002. She has lived through many changes and is seeking even more ways that will help the children and their families for their own survival and for the survival of the land.

By her prayerful and respectful approach, Sister has won their hearts and trust. According to her, “The people own these changes and are proud to be part of them. What more could anyone hope for?”

Please  help Sister Rosalva in her ministry, as well as all our Sisters who serve poor, oppressed and marginalized people in 24 countries around the world.

When you send your gift, please also send us your prayer intentions so we may remember them.

Please remember to keep Sister Rosalva – and all our Sisters – in your prayers.