April Appeal – Environment


Ministries to the Earth

 “…join together, building not only human community, but the Earth Community.”

– Sister Ann Braudis, MM


Wouldn’t you like to help save the rainforest?

There is growing destruction of the surrounding rainforest in Panama with companies buying up the land for teak plantations, chopping down trees and contaminating the soil and water with chemicals from their operations.

Your gift enables Maryknoll Sisters such as Melinda Roper to teach farmers in the rain forests of Panama to care for the land with organic farming methods, reducing deforestation while maintaining livelihoods.

One of the important aspects of our life and mission in Darien, Panama, is working closely with the native communities. Many of the natives struggle with their sense of identity and living out their culture with integrity in a globalizing world. And, since a big part of their heritage is upholding the sacredness of the land and their rootedness in it, accompanying them in their efforts to reclaim their cultural identity and continue healthy practices of working with and living in harmony with the land is an imperative.


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Did you know there is a river of burning water?

It is the Condoraque River in Peru, and it is being filled by acid drainage and toxic sludge from mining activity. Sister Pat Ryan is working hard to stop environmental issues such as this and you can help too!

Sister Pat is in Peru working with the Organization for Human Rights and the Environment, offering educational services, information and legal advice, and acting with the indigenous people to defend their rights and the rights of Mother Earth. With your help, this organization, with Sister Pat, can achieve their goal to equip and empower the Aymara & Quechua native people with the understanding and skills to non-violently focus on working to curb irresponsible mining activities that disrespect indigenous people’s rights and threaten the environment and the people’s water supply in the area.

How can you make a difference?

Here in the U.S., Sister Ann is engaged with the Saw Mill River Coalition for the clean-up and restoration of the Saw Mill River in Yonkers, NY. Your gift also enables Sister Ann to help with the mission of restoring and protecting the Saw Mill River through improving water quality and encouraging sustainable land use.

These are only a few examples of the Maryknoll Sisters dedicated to improving the environment. Sister Marvie Misolas has spent the past two years in the Philippines working with the Green Convergence Philippines Organization. Sister Connie Pospisil is helping with Human and Land Rights violation

Please help these Sisters in their missions, as well as all our Sisters who serve poor, oppressed and marginalized people in 24 countries around the world.


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