“I would like us all to make a serious commitment to respect and protect creation, to be attentive to every person, to counter the culture of waste and disposable, to promote a culture of solidarity and of encounter.”

— Pope Francis



From an Ecological Sanctuary in the Philippines to our computer lab in New York, Maryknoll Sisters care for our common home in many ways.


#timetorecyclethursday happens every day at the Maryknoll Sisters Center. Here Sister Margarita helps save a tree by recycling paper.


Sister Margarita helps change hearts and minds about caring for creation in the Philippines.


How can YOU help?

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Preserve resources, use them more efficiently, moderate consumption of non-renewable resources. While not everything can be recycled, the majority of products and materials we use on a daily basis can be.

  • Find out where and how you can recycle almost anything in your area: search.earth911.com
  • Raise money for your school or church by recycling empty ink/toner cartridges
  • Many supermarkets charity shops and retailers will gladly accept your cell phone for recycling.
  • Reduce waste by using recycled products, products that don’t have packaging at or or at least use recyclable package, and or by recycling material that can be recycled, including electronics.
  • Bring your own reusable cup or mug to the office or cafeteria (Styrofoam waste takes up 25 – 30% of America’s landfill space.)
  • Donate unwanted clothing and household items to a re-use center in your community.
  • Purchase products made from post-consumer recycled material to complete the recycling loop.
  • Recycling at home is easy. Separate your regular garbage from plastic, cans and glass.
  • Save a tree. Remember to recycle your newspapers.