March appeal

Sister Mary Frances Kobets, M.M. focuses on Orphan Education and Agricultural Support for HIV/AIDS orphans and children at risk.  There are 85 orphans in education, over 100 in agriculture, and 90 in health/hygiene/nutrition.  To keep this all going is a desperate need and these orphans need your help…we need your help.

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Sr. Mary Frances states, “We provide the children with teaching, agriculture, health, hygiene and nutrition.It’s a form of outreach. What is it for this child that is going to help them go to school? Is that child being taught? We canvas for school fees and levies. But are they being taught so they can pass? So we set up tutoring, so that in English, science and math the children, whatever age they are, can get what they need in those subjects. These children were on the streets and now they are with their guardians. There are quite a few boys and girls in child headed families, meaning they have to take care of themselves. They’re going to have to plant, they’re going to have to harvest and eat, and anything they have extra they sell and bring some back to us so we can give it to the children who don’t have anything.”

photo 2 appeal
Sister Fran with one of the orphans in her program.

Education is very expensive and there is no consideration for the orphans, the cost is $5,000 per semester. They are charged the same as everyone else for uniforms, school fees and levies. If they can’t afford it, they can’t go to school.

Your donation today will help us provide HOPE to these orphans and others around the world. Thank you for helping us make Gods love visible worldwide.

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