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This Easter, we thank you for giving light to the darkness that surrounds the poor, the ailing and the marginalized around the world. You’re part of our mission work, and without you we could not continue to provide hope to the hopeless.

In Jao Pessoa, Brazil domestic and urban violence caused by drugs and many other things leaves the women here in fear of their lives. Sister Euphrasia (Efu) Nyaki, M.M. runs a holistic healing center to help these women escape the violence that surrounds them. The healing center is located in the midst of the community. Holistic healing helps the women who have lost family members and/or who have seen the children of other women being killed.  The post traumatic effects of such violent situations is extremely stressful on their nervous systems, our techniques focus on trauma healing.  Many health problems are associated with this type of stress, for example: nervousness, rapid heartbeat etc.  The center provides workshops and individual healing– without using any medication except for some herbal plants and teas.


Currently at our center, the women help others with healing, and at the end of the month we take out all the expenses for the center and the women volunteers divide what is left among themselves.  It comes out to a little less than the minimum salary in Brazil, which is about $200 per person.  They live very minimally on that amount, so we would like to improve the amount of salary we can give them.  The reason why the amount available to them for a salary is so small is because we are still paying for a loan that we took out to expand the center, so between that and expenses, we don’t have much more.

Sister Efu says, “I would like to tell our benefactors that we are really very grateful.  Benefactors do not go to mission.  We go.  But they are also part of this mission work by how they contribute.  And especially when they contribute to a particular area they know their money goes to that.  I’d like to affirm that we are partners.  We are right there in a practical, concrete sense, but they are there too, because without their means, we cannot be there.”

You can bring hope to so much fear. YOUR Easter gift today; will save someone’s life.