70th Jubilee-Sister Margaret Tryon, M.M.

Sister Margaret Tryon, M.M. celebrated her 70th Jubilee on February 12th, 2017. Sister Margaret Tryon entered Maryknoll on October 30, 1947 at Valley Park, Missouri from the Parish of St. Thomas Aquinas in Croydon, PA.

From 1950-1952, Sister Margaret studied at the New York State University of Applied Arts and Sciences and earned an Associate Degree in Food Service Administration.  In 1952, Sister Margaret worked in Bethany Kitchen.

Her first overseas assignment was in 1953 to Hawaii, where she taught in elementary schools before going to Micronesia where she taught on the Island of Majuro.

From 1971-72, Sister Margaret was at the Center in Central Services as Food Service Liaison.  Upon her return to Majuro, Sister Margaret taught one-half day; performed in-service teacher training for Micronesians, along with a radio ministry until 1978.  From 1978-1985, Sister Margaret worked in Hawaii in Pastoral ministry and Catechetics.

Later, Sister Margaret gave Center Service at Rogers Library from 1976-78.   After renewal, Sister Margaret returned to Hawaii and was involved in Pastoral Ministry from 1978-81 and Catechetics from 1981-85 in Hawaii.

Sister Margaret returned to the Maryknoll Sisters Center and helped in Congregational Services until illness in her family necessitated her presence from 1990- 1992.

From 1993-1996, Sister Margaret did pastoral with women in Hawaii.

Sister Margaret resides at the Center and her Prayer Ministry is Central Pacific.