70th Jubilee-Sister Pat Noble, M.M.

Sister Pat Noble, M.M. celebrated her 70th Jubilee as a Maryknoll Sister on February 12th, 2017. She was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, entered Maryknoll in 1947 with a B.A. in English from Villa Maria.  In 1950, Sister Pat received her first mission assignment to Hawaii, where she would spend the next eleven years dedicated to teaching Middle and High School English.

Sister Pat next shifted her educational ministry to the College level and to the Philippines, where she spent the next four years as a Professor of English Literature.  On her temporary return to the U.S., Sister Pat earned her Masters in English Literature at St. Louis University before embarking again on educational ministry in the Philippines.

In 1972, Sister Pat offered nine years of Congregational Service in Supportive Services, Data Processing, and Central Service Education at the Maryknoll Center.  Sister Pat was assigned as the Rogers Library Administrator and later the official Librarian, after she received her Master of Library Science Degree from the Pratt Institute in 1982.

Five years later, Sister Pat joined Maryknoll’s retirement community in Monrovia, California, where she volunteered at the County Arboretum.  Sister Pat was also cited for the extensive service she gave to the Peace and Justice Center of Southern California in the organization of their library collection.

Since 2006, she has been an active and prayerful member of the Rogers Community at the Maryknoll Center.