70th Jubilee-Sister Jacqueline Dorr, M.M.

Dorr, Jacqueline Sister Jacqueline Dorr, M.M. from Boston, MA will be celebrating her 70th Jubilee this year.

Sister Jacqueline has a richly varied history in Maryknoll mission experience, starting in Boston Chinatown where she spent six years working with youth. She was assigned to Tanzania in 1959. She became involved in teaching and administrative work, helping to setup and establish both a girls’ middle school and a girls’ secondary (high) school.

In 1959, after Sister Jackie’s assignment to Kenya, she found herself immersed in an Education team, training nomadic leaders to work with groups to identify problems and needs. These leaders trained others so that they were able to organize their people to address and solve their problems. After moving to Nairobi, Sr. Jackie and another Maryknoll Sister, after seeing the need, founded a rehabilitation program for women ex-prisoners.

Drawing on her experience of giving workshops, seminars, retreats to various groups throughout Kenya and other African countries, Sister Jackie wrote a book, entitled “Women Seeking Justice” which is still used twenty years after publication.

Since 2005 Sister Jackie has resided in Monrovia, California at the Maryknoll house where she is active in congregational service.