70th Jubilee-Sister Laura Magallanes, M.M.

Magallanes, LauraSister Laura Magallanes, M.M. from Los Angeles, CA will be celebrating her 70th Jubilee this year.

Sister Laura, a native of Los Angeles, entered Maryknoll in 1948. Three years later she had completed her formation in the St. Louis Novitiate and embarked on her first mission assignment to Chile.

Since she was already fluent in Spanish, Sister Laura launched immediately into teaching second and third grade in Galvarino. During the next twenty years, Sister Laura continued her education ministry with great love and dedication in Chillan, Santiago, Curepto, and Talco. Then, in 1971, she returned to the Center for a short time in order to earn her Bachelor of Science in Adult Education at Rogers College.

Finding herself back in Chile the very next year, Sister Laura became increasingly active in pastoral work. During the 22 years that followed, Sister Laura offered devoted service through home, hospital, and clinic visits; participation in local community meetings; work in poor and marginal areas of cities; and membership on a diocesan committee supporting families whose fathers had been fired, killed, or thrown in prison.

In 1994, Sister Laura returned once more to the U.S. to continue her pastoral work for fifteen years in the Western Region. She then came home to the Center, where she today remains an active and loving member of the Chi Rho Community.