70th Jubilee-Sister Patricia O’Mera, M.M.

O'Mera, PatriciaSister Patricia O’Mera, M.M. from Seattle, WA will be celebrating her 70th Jubilee this year.

Sister Patricia was born in Seattle. She attended Holy Names Academy and Seattle University before entering Maryknoll in 1948.

After her first vows in 1951, Sister Pat acquired her Bachelor of Education from Rogers College and was assigned one year later, to mission in Chile. In her first seven years there, Sister taught and did pastoral work.

In 1968, Sister Pat was elected as a delegate for the Maryknoll Sisters’ General Assembly, where she was part of the implementation team, which is responsible for carrying out decisions and changes. It was her responsibility to communicate pertinent information to the whole congregation.

She was assigned to the Western U.S. Region in 1974, where she served in numerous capacities. From 1977 to 1979, Sister Pat attended San Diego State University. For seven years she was an English teacher for Spanish-speaking adults. Since her retirement in 2006, Sister Pat has been a fully participating member of the Maryknoll Eden Community.