70th Jubilee-Sister Rose Andree Krieger, M.M.

Krieger, Rose AndreeSister Rose Andree Krieger, M.M. from St. Louis, MO will be celebrating her 70th Jubilee this year.

Before joining the Maryknoll Sisters in 1948, Sister Rose Andree had earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Harris Teachers College and worked as a teacher in St. Louis, MO. Assigned to Chile in 1951, she was one of the second group of Sisters sent there. After serving happily in parish schools for the poor for two decades, she became involved in training adults in catechetic, and found even greater happiness and a feeling that this perhaps was her forte. With a team of dedicated catechists, including many couples, they developed a real Christian community and assumed more and more responsibility in the parish.

As a veteran missioner she enjoyed a new ministry doing Mission Awareness programs in many parishes and schools in the U.S. In 1993, Sister Rose Andree retired in Waterbury, CT where she engaged in volunteer work for nine years in an Hispanic Parish doing Religious Education in public schools and visiting homes.

Currently, Sister Rose Andree resides at the Maryknoll Sisters Center in NY and continues to offer her services caring for the sick as a member of the Pastoral Care Team. Throughout her mission journey she has continued to help when and where she can, and also learn from the people she serves.